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COR Safety - Manitoba Shingling Contractors Association - Roofing Companies - Winnipeg - Manitoba

There are many reasons for implementing workplace safety practices. The goal of a safe and productive workplace, free from hazards which put employees, customers and the organization itself at peril, should be first and foremost. Less altruistic, but nonetheless valid reasons for a workplace safety program may consist of compliance with the mandates of federal and state regulatory agencies; the negative press, fines and citations that come with the absence thereof; and the ever-increasing costs of property, casualty and workers compensation insurance. It keeps costs down, and saves customers money in the long run.

Effective workplace safety is not an added expense, it's a benefit and it's everybody's job! All members of MSCA are proud to have proactive health and safety programs that go above and beyond what is required by law. We do this by obtaining and maintaining COR or SECOR status through the Construction Safety Association of Manitoba. For more information on the COR process visit CSAM's website.


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